Wacom in Wonderland

  • Wacom in Wonderland
  • Originally I started this project with a demo Cintiq Companion 1 that Wacom had loaned to me.  Since I only had the Cintiq for a short while, I did not get to finish the project.  After receiving the Cintiq Companion 2, I decided to revisit our friend Alice and add the final touches.
    Since the image was 85% complete I decided to work with what I had already created.  However, if I were to start over I know I would go about rendering Alice and the Wonderland creatures in a different way.  But what it shows, is after having a Cintiq Companion 2 for only a short time I have already changed the way that I work.  I am happy with the outcome, but I would simply render the characters differently.
  • I really enjoy working in Adobe Illustrator.  It allows me to create graphics that can be easily re-sized.  And the great thing is the more you work in Illustrator the more you learn... even though I was working on character designs.... some of the techniques I used can easily be used to create buttons, banners, icons or logos. 
  • In this version of Alice in Wonderland... I wanted the characters to be somewhat new.  I pictured the Caterpillar as being a cigar smoking creature from Brooklyn.  White Rabbit had has a somewhat steampunk look.  While the Mad Hatter is this fidgety mysterious man lurking around the corner.  Of course Dormouse joins in relaxing in his favorite tea pot.
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