Nazaré - free font

    the sound of crashing waves at Nazaré:

  • Nazaré is a font inspired by the town of the same name in Portugal. It's a condensed upper-case font with hand drawn lines, roundings and a bit of a tribal touch. The lowercase charac-ters are simpler forms of the uppercase ones, enabling to add variation to the text when the two are mixed, leading to a natural hand drawn feel. All the letters are uniquely drawn, so if you're looking for more variations, you can make use of the accented characters too.

    The town of Nazaré is famous for some of the world's highest waves, some as high as 23m, at this place you can really feel the shear force of nature from first hand. As you watch the raging ocean, you feel oddly one with mother nature as the incredibly high waves take your imagination back to prehistoric times, it is really a unique and uplifting experience. 

    This font is free to download!
    You can download it in OTF format here:

    Thank you for watching and appreciating this project!