Between the Lines

  • Hi guys, here some more of my works done for different companies and private clients during 2016
  • Book cover illustation made for some Spanish publishing house. I can not remember the name.
  • Some soft drinks package illustrations
  • Avatar portrait for one rich Brasilian woman
  • Slack-like team work service, Indonesia
  • Advertising illustrations for Drive7, Saudi Arabia
  • Pickup traning quest
  • Mascot for Vietnamese coffee pack
  • Illustration for sale. Could be edited by your needs. Was made as experimental kids mat for China but they didn't use it.
  • I've made a stickers for iMessage and Telegram
  • Stickers for
  • Street Music Album Cover, Great Britain
  • Advertising illustration for Nitto printing paper fabric, Belgium
  • New Year postcard for sale
  • I just love graphics in Machinarium and Samorost 3 games by Amanita Design and would like to learn how they created it so I started to play with textures here.
  • Christmas Tea package design for JAF Tea, Sri Lanka.
  • This is how I usually work for last half of a year.
    From my Macbook Pro together with Wacom Intuos tablet I switched to one device: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 so I can draw directly on the screen.
    So convenient. Now I can draw during the flights and in the trains while travelling with yoga courses.
    For more stuff check my instagram.
  • Thanks a lot for your attention and appreciates! Be Happy!