Bombay Bicycle Club

  • An album campaign, packaging and logo
    for UK indie band Bombay Bicycle Club.
    The project involved creating packaging for
    the album and 4 singles, a limited edition box set,
    merchandise, tour posters and stage visuals.
    The album reached number 1 in the UK and 
    was nominated for the Mercury Prize.
  • The album cover was designed to work as an
    animated pack-shot to appear with online reviews
    instead of the usual static image.
  • Covers for the 4 singles released from the album.
  • We also designed a limited edition box set including
    gatefold vinyl, lyric book and a working Phenakistoscope.
  • The CD booklet features illustrations that
    visualise themes from the lyrics.
  • A small selection of the wide range of
    merchandise created from the artwork.
  • The artwork was also used for
    animated stage visuals, drum skins
    and shop promotions.
  • We also designed a screen-printed poster
    to announce the final gig held at the legendary
    Earls Court venue before it's closure.
    Available to buy here.