Set of Logos 2015

    Logos created in 2015.
    I wanted to show the diversity of techniques and visual solutions.
    I hope you enjoy my logotypes.
  • Pepla — handmade tiles. (tiles, furnaces, fireplaces)
    For Yellow Design Studio

  • Bullterrier — male bar.
    Awards: Golden Flea 2015 (Competition trademark) — the diploma of the organizing committe.
    Art Business Cart — business cards for makeup artists hairdressers stylists.
    MinskMetroProject — the development of scientific documentation
    for construction companies working in the field of underground facilities (subway, tunnels)
    Restyling mark for state companies.
  • presentation of the logo:
    Ex-libris for young couple booklovers.
    Living chairs — soft and frameless Furniture.
    Ex-libris for girl. (gift)

    For Totem Advertising Agency
    Crew Barrymore — logo for the presentation of the hacker project.
    Сo-author Roman Belsky
    (Restyling mark)
    BELKOMMUNMASH —  the largest Belarusian company
    whose main activity is the production of social and communal electric machine. (trolleybuses, trams)
    Mark for state companies. (The project was implemented)
    For Totem Advertising Agency
    Tuk-Tuk. Latuk!
    The store farm products with fast delivery.
    For Yellow Design Studio
    Action — Production Studio.
    Manufacturer smile — Dentistry.
    Whimsical Сat — pet store.