Battle Metal ICONS - Stage Backdrop Design

  • Client
    : Turisas
    Country: Finland
    Mediums: stage backdorp, flag, T-shirt
    Official release date: spring 2015
    Concepts: Byzantine icons, Norse mythology, battle metal

    Stage backdrop design for a battle metal band TURISAS from Finland.

    The band have made songs based on Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire, Varangian Guard (Scandinavian mercenaries hired by Byzantine Emperors), and Norse mythology. And Byzantine Empire is very involved with Christianity and icons.

    So this work was what I design an icons-looking backdrop totally based on the elements of the band, their songs and their requests. In other words, it's 'Turisas-style ICONS'.

  • R  O  C  E  S  S

  • Size and overlap areas information

  • With 3D mock-ups I set up of some types of stage for simulating

  • Memo of the points from the requests and the concept for the illustration

  • This design is made from elements of the band's style and songs themed on Byzantine Empire, Norse mythology, and etc..

  • Step-by-step process of drawing and painting

  • I made the characters' faces look like the members' ones at the band's request from the draft stage.
    And after the design was printed on backdrop, gold foils were pasted in some areas of it.

  • Simulations with finished artwork in 3D



  • R  E  L  A  T  E  D     V  I  D  E  O  S 

  • Paganfest 2015 trailer by the band: finishing (not by me) scene of the gold areas of the backdrop

  • Live show with the backdrop in open-air stage (Thankful for sharing by thrashdeatherreala)

  • Live show with the backdrop in indoor stage (Thankful for sharing by Sonidos Subterraneos)

  • M  E  R  C  H  A  N  D  I  S  E


  • (From a post by the multi-talented guitarist Jussi Wickström's Instagram)
    The layout of the T-shirt/flag is inspired by this tour poster laid out by the band.

  • : Flag :
    Full-color printing, 36 x 24 inch

    : T-shirt :
    Silk-screen printing (color-separated by the printer) + glitter gold, for men and ladies

    Available the band's official web shop

    metal band from Finland

  • Thank you!