• Enchanté dreams is my second collaboration with babyaxioo and this is exactly what I wanted 
    since I started my career in 2011. At that time, I have always dreamed to make this kind of portfolio,
    so, when they reached me again for this one, I accepted it instantly.

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    ❤️  P L A Y I N G   D R E S S   U P ❤️
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    This project original name is Playing Dress Up and personally, I named it (again) as Enchanté dreams
    because I always see it as a wondrous and dreamy story, something more than dress up.
    I got spellbound when she gave me the original photos. It's beautiful just the way it is and the animals and the story,
    it feels like, they just popped out from my mind and jump into my screen. I couldn't help myself.

    Photo: Ave   |   Story & Illustration: Evan Raditya   |   Stylist: Jennifer   |   Digital Imaging: Annzo Studio   |   Dress: Vivienne Wu
  • We start to dreaming when the owl shines under the moonlit and the puppy is howling.
  • The white rabbits were teleported from Alice's dimension. They said, "wake up girls! It's time to playing dress up!"
  • I whispered to my sister, "Look, do you see those white baloons? This Fawn said, we can jump to another color sequence by using it!"
  • We hold on to each other and I realized, the rabbits has sprinkled their carrot dust to my sister's dress and the dress has changed!
  • I know, I'm too afraid to do this, but Mr. Very-Nice-Kangaroo helps me! Thanks Mister!
  • We're sitting on the Indigenous Elephant's back. The rosy sky and white-lace leaves. Once again, our dress has changed.
  • Big sis is helping Magenta, the little turtle who broke her shell. "Don't worry, Lavender, your lil sis will be fine!"
  • As a gratitude, Caramel the Giant-Teddy Bear, take us to another place again. He wants to give us a giant lollipop but we refused it.
    Why? Because, we prefer Oreo and milk!
  • Look! Look! We have so much fun with Mr.Gill family! Now....I feel like....I want to have a fox as a pet and my new room mate!
    I hope Dad & Mum bought me one.
  • Yay!! Thank you for your idea, Jim the Giraffee! Now I'm taller than big sis!
  • Mum said, the swan will transform to beautiful princess in the dusk and they'll be back again as swan in the foggy morning.
    Right now, they're here to remind us, "Girls, we smell a morning dew, you must to go back home."
  • "Dear Girls, please take this flower crown. Whenever you miss us, just look at this flower crown."
  • "Thank you my little pals, I think, one is enough for us. I will give mine to my lil sis. She is the one who needs to remember this place.
    To protect her, to make her remember every story of storybook, is my duty." 

    "Oh, you can take this flower crown, Doughnut Duck."
  • Before we woke up from this dream sequence, I give my little kiss to Yogurt, the Polar Bear King.

    Big sis have a polar bear plushie and she named it Yogurt, too! She used to tell me a story about King Yogurt
    and his animal friends.  Before we go to bed, she always said to me, 
    "Are you ready,  for another adventure to ENCHANTÉ dreams?"

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