Don't Stop Me Now

  • My recent illustrations
    My name is Fil Dunsky, I like to draw spreading my feelings of love, joy and happiness.
    This is what attracts big companies to order my services.
    I've worked with many world famous brands such as Blackberry, Danone, Heinz, Kinder, McDonald's, Orion, Pepsi & more...

    If you need some love, I would be glad to work with you!
  • Self portrait for one crypto interview
  • Personal work inspired by the London trip gifted by one kind and big hearted man on Steem
  • Advertising illustration for Redcom internet provider. Russia.
  • Portraits set for wedding invitation of one lucky couple ordered from London, UK.
  • Kids colouring book cover commission
  • Bonus video of the process
  • Octopuses for eSteem Solutions blog news
  • Crazy commission for Anuka advertising
  • Another commission for Worksaurus Indonesian team work service
  • Sketches for Worksaurus project including rejected one
  • First and probably last order done via Fiverr service. This was a test illustration for one strange children book.
  • Personal bear from abandoned sketches for McGrill cafe coffee cup and final approved illustration with family for same client.
  • New Year post card commission for Segmento agency