Crayola: Imagination Wins

  • Crayola®
    "Imagination Wins" print campaign

    We love how fun and entertaining plastiline can be. No matter how much (or little) knack for modeling you have,
    you can be sure that it will spark your imagination. You have guaranteed entertainment in your hands.
    You will always have a good time with Crayola.

    Therefore our core concept is: "Imagination Wins" The artwork shows funny situations of play games where this happens, where the toys or characters that you created win using unexpected movement or skills with this little extra imagination help and humor.

    Client: Crayola Latam
    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Honduras​​​​​​​
    Creative Directors, AD & Copywriters: Frank Sandres, César Chinchilla
    Sketches: Frank Sandres, José Matheu
    Clay Artist: Stefano Colferai