James Bond: Casino Royale

  • I was recently invited to attend and take part in the Salt Lake City Comic Con. I decided to create a print for one of my favorite Bond films, 'Casino Royale.' The idea was to pay tribute to both the original and latest film interpretations of the classic Bond story to I illustrated the poster in a film noir type style. In terms of concept, I wanted play with the inconic Bond Swirl logo and double that with a poker chip from the casino in Montenegro. 

    This poster will be debuting on Sat. September 26th during the 'Shaken, Not Stirred' Bond panel at the Salt Lake City Comic Con. Enjoy!
  • - Regular Version -
  • - Variant - 
  • - Details & Close-ups - 
  • - Assorted Textures Used to simulate dry/wet fine art mediums -
  • - Prints -
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