Pecker. The Birth.

  • This is a movie we made for a start-up named Pecker Player based in Kyiv, Ukraine. A story about a bird that felt the superpower and became a superhero. This movie launched an advertising campaign of a start-up.
    It took us a little more than 6 months to create it together with 2 illustration and animation studios. Some part of the process is shown here. Enjoy!
  • Everything started with a card of emotions that our hero has due to the script.
  • FIrst sketches of the main hero.
  • Detaiing picked option.
  • 3d modelling started.
  • Detailed modelling processing...
  • Creating a bird's house. Sketches first.
  • Modelling is next...
  • Bird's house interior. One of more then 7 drafts.
  • Next stage with more details.
  • Forest begins...
  • Movie storyboard.