Neon Type & 3D Lettering Collection

  • Neon Type & 3D Lettering

    Selection of commercial and self initiated type driven projects. 
    You will find all sorts of different styles including some of these neon type things every client seems to need.
  • "POW" background illustration in collaboration with Andy Gellenberg/WEAREKIDZ
  • Client: Yorkshire Tea, Illustration Agent: JSR
  • Client: Haag/Statement
  • "Focus" Lettering collaboration with Pedro Oyarbide
  • Client: Fujitsu, Illustration Agent: JSR
  • Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
  • Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
  • Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
  • Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
  • "Palette Town" in collaboration with WEAREYAWN.
  • "Welcome to the Jungle" collaboration with Pedro Oyarbide done at I LOVE DUST.
  • Client: Unicef, Agency: Jung von Matt Berlin
  • "6 ways to supercharge your selfbelief" in collaboration with Thomas Burden.

  • "Buzzed, Busted, Broke" done at I LOVE DUST.
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