3D Printed Type + video - Converse Made by you

  • To reward their fan, Converse offer them personalised artwork.
    They asked me to make an artwork for their fan Pascal which was selected randomly.
    I did a sketch which was then modeled and 3D printed.
    After that, the piece have been offered to the fan !
    Agency : Wunderman Division Blast Radius
    Project manager : Anaïs Roger
    Art direction : Sebastien Cuypers
    3D supervision : 3Dnatives
    3D printing : 3D & Co
    3D modeling : Adrien Castel
    Video :
    Direction: Thomas Savary
    Sound Design – Mixage: Thomas Lozano
    Music: Monterosso
    Production: ARPEL Films

    Video of the process at the end of the post ;)

  • Thank you for watching !