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    Art Direction
    Graphic Design
    Branding Material
    Digital Campaigns

  • A larger Case-Study, reflecting the Clients' wish to use a non-design, non-invasive approach across all communication points. 

    The Solution: A simplistic, well balanced white space approach based on 2 provided elements, Logotype and Garamond as the typographic basis. Design and Art Direction are meant to resonate with both traditional and modern luxury Brands, to never overpower use of imagery and give collaborators a timeless impression over a short lived feel. An understated "french chic" framework, based on using subtle typography as the main architectural element, provides the Client with the necessary leverage to attract Brands with a strong desire for and emphasis on classic beauty and present the Studio as an established, matured creative hub, as opposed to an up and coming start-up.

    During my years as their freelance Art Director the Studio was able to expand both their Studio Space and List of Clientele, including landing a Global Player like Estée Lauder as a frequent Client. After taking a sabbatical in 2017 the Studio has recently moved on to a more modern Approach.

    © Christoph Rupreht   |   Work samples from 2014-2016
  • 01

    Corporate Materials
    Correspondance Stock, Call Sheets
    Rate Cards, Business Cards, etc.

  • Business Cards
    Heavy Weight 2-Ply, letter-pressed

  • Studio- and Rental Service related
    Sticker & Box Designs

  • Folders for confidential Documents
    between the Client & the Studio

  • 03

    Div. Booklets 
    Several Sizes, Categorized Portfolio

  • Main Work Catalogue
    Rental Service Brochure

  • Smaller Format 
    Categorized Portfolio

  • 04

    Print Ads
    Advertising Architecture
    Basic Grid / Typography & Image Use

  • Single Services
    and 360° Agency Ads

  • 06

    Digital Documents
    Case Studies, Proposals,
    Price Lists, Tracking Sheets
    and more

  • 05

    Website & Email Campaigns 
    Social Media Channel

  • Generous Hover Images
    for Menu Items 

  • Various Email Campaign Templates & Concepts,
    Social Media Content Creation
    & Use of  additional Graphic Design Elements

  • Social Media Channel Direction 
    for Graphics, Quotes & Diagrams
  • Social Media Imagery
  • Credits:
    Art Direction: Christoph Ruprecht
    Graphic Design: Christoph Ruprecht
    Photography: Slate Studios

    © 2014 – 2016

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