Oil-paper umbrella


    Art Direction : Yi-Hsuan Li
    Visual Design : Yi-Hsuan Li
    Illustration : Yi-Hsuan Li
    Date : July . 2015


    The structure of Oil-paper umbrella is extremely beautiful and so as the hand-made tactile quality. I think Oil-paper umbrella can represent part of Chinese culture and every umbrella has one story of their own. With simply few colors and clean canvas, this experimental project shows everyone how beautiful of the Oil-paper umbrella is. I hope people can be attracted by this work and immerse in the story of east culture.

    I use “Adobe Ming Std L(Adobe 明體 Std L)” as the Chinese fonts and “AR Roman” as english fonts. Umbrella elegant motifs and detailed structures are very suitable with these two fonts since they have same elements: delicate strokes and glamorous curves. For me, I enjoy using “Adobe Ming Std L(Adobe 明體 Std L)” because this attractive font describes oriental culture very well and even we make carves larger, all characters still looked extremely beautiful. When it comes to colors, there are blue, orange and black. Sky blue and sun orange are symbols color of MEI-NONG in my memory. Few orange in large blue area makes canvas vivacious but not too noisy. Lastly, I design three styles with different layout. With playing the fonts and motifs, I tried to make carves looked balance and quiet. I hope these posters could be ornaments and people who got them would treasure them”.

    About Oil-paper umbrella:
    Oil-paper umbrella (Chinese: 油紙傘) is a type of paper umbrella that originated from China. It subsequently spread across Asia, to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. People in these countries have further developed the oil paper umbrella with different characteristics. As the Hakka moved to Taiwan, the oil-paper umbrella also began to develop in Taiwan.
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