Laser painting Illustration

  • Preface:
    Laser Tag 2.0
    is a Graffiti Research Lab project and is written by Theodore Watson and Zachary Lieberman usingopenFrameworks. It may be used free of charge as long as it is not used for marketing, advertising or promotion and especially not for lame guerrilla marketing events! 
    This application born from a principle of a visual renew of TAG and so with target to propose a new solution of urban art.
    From this shared challenge with creator of this app, I tried to give my creative, graphic and communicative support, through an innovative application, but with possibilities of improvement, cause is a freeware. Since I'm not a programmer, the creativity is the only support that I can give.

    The concept it's like the cursor, an impalpable signal who realize ephimeral forms, as can the thought, speech, fantasy, improvisation. You can start to realize a cloud in wich you can see faces, forms, images of subconscious. You can start from a previous image in your mind, that you know it never will be as you think. Because the fascination of this application is that's like a drawing on paper: if a coffe will fall on it, you can't do "CTRL+Z". Doesn't exist. The rubber? doesn't exist. Unforeseen events, as signal has interferences, is normal.
    But as a creative, I tried to do what I could, without see the problems, but the potentialities, because is part of the challenge.
    After different experiments, authorized performances and not, improvisations, settings on the recognition of laser signal from application and from webcam, study on brushes, technical drawings and emotional until to interaction with video and audio/reaction performances among two computers and mixer video (merci Ai Di Ti Vision), I would share my works, that is result of my contribution.
  • I found two different approaches to laser painting:
    Iconic, means the laser painting started with an iconical idea from the beginning;
    Clouds, improvisation images, follow the same process of identification of form that we have when observing the clouds;
  • Creating
  • The Shadow of Sun
  • Le "Voyeur" de Pluie (Rain Man 1)
  • Smile, it's a Rainy Day (Rain Man 2)
  • Smothered Wall
  • Green Invasion
  • The Love of a Mother
  • Saint Circle
  • Greedy....
  • F**k the Future
  • C'est la vie
  • Voilà, C'est la vie
  • Dreamer
  • Galaxy Eye Utero
  • Cloud 1
  • Cloud 7
  • Cloud 10
  • Cloud 12 - Hypocrisy
  • Cloud 18
  • Thunder (The link between clouds and interferences, next new challenge)
    Thanks for attention!!!