Pleasure Grounds by Clemens Ascher | CGI & Retouching

  • Shot by photographer Clemens Ascher, the series Pleasure Grounds depicts scenes where people are shown in a moment of leisure. Military weapons and wild domesticated animals populate this quiet but threatening landscape and as viewers we are unsure what is real and what is ficticious. 

    After shooting the individual elements, Clemens created the layouts for each image. Following his directions, we started to assemble all the pieces together. 

    Whilst the background and animals were shot in different parts of the world from Austria and Switzerland to the US, the models were shot in a studio in East London (United Kingdom) and we created all the weapons in CGI.

    You can find the making-of here.


    Photography: Clemens Ascher
    Fashion Stylist: Alice Whiting
    Props Stylist: Elena Riccabona
    Hair and Make-up: Brooke Neilson
    CGI Director: Christoph Bolten / Recom Farmhouse
    CGI Artists: Kristian Turner, Richard Jenkinson, Florian Einfalt / Recom Farmhouse
    Post Artists: Pepe Alram, Kate Brown, Riikka Eiro / Recom Farmhouse