TEDxAthens 2014

    TEDxAthens 2014

    In 2014, while i was working at Tribal DDB Athens i had the chance to work on a TEDx branding and web design. I was responsible for the brand identity and its applications as well as all the digital presence of the event. The 2014 event theme was “Conclusions” and the brief was asking for a straight forward logo that embrace the meaning of the word itself in a modern and TEDx style approach.
    If you look up the word conclusions in dictionary you’ll see that the word is refered as the last part of something, its end or result. Its a sum up of a process. I designed a variety of logos in which i was trying to represent the essence of coming to a conclusion. The chosen logo is a combination of the first letter “ Capital C” locked by two brackets which serves as moving arrows as well. Then i created variations of the main logo in which the “Conclusions” is appearing in portrait and landscape orientation always locked by the brackets. The letters “US” of the world conclusions were always in the inverse color in order to make it look like [Concl-us-ions] and to give emphasis in such way to the team spirit of the TEDx community. The identity was developed under those principles.

  • Credits

    Client : TEDxAthens
    Agency: Tribal Worlwdie Athens
    Creative Direction & Video Animation: Anthony Kyriazis
    Art Direction & Web Design: Vasilis Pallas
    Development: Panagiotis Grigoropoulos
    Bags: Salty Bag