99 Faces of Occupy Wall St.

  • 99 Faces of Occupy Wall St.
  • This portrait project had stories written on it by The New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post and editorial discussion by Slate, the New Yorker and many others. It was an interesting look at a project spreading virally, generating tens of thousands of daily visits to the site.
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    These portraits are from the "Faces of Occupy Wall St." Project at: www.99FacesOfOccupyWallSt.org

    "99 Faces of Occupy Wall St." reveals a cross-section of people behind the national occupy movement at the home of its origin, Zuccotti Park prior to their eviction.

    To many of us watching around the country via fragmented glimpses in the media, it's hard to understand who is behind this movement and what has brought so many of them to Wall St.

    Since the movement is non-hierarchical and is not represented by leaders or clearly defined personalities, any glimpse requires a broad sample. 99 people selected as arbitrarily as possible seemed like an appropriate, as well as symbolic, number to get a sense of what's happening here.

    This portrait series focuses on faces -- no environment, no signs; each person with an honest look into the lens without any trappings other than what they were wearing at the time. We wanted it to be personal, these portraits are a look into the eyes.

    And we asked them a question: "Why are you here?". Alongside the portraits is a spontaneous explanation as to the motivations of the people we met.
  • "I'm here to participate in conversations about how we are changing all that is broken in our society. To infuse higher consciousness into what we are doing."  ~Steve="yui_3_3_0_3_13247806510321455">

  • "I'm here to help others with my music and lyrics. To live a life serving the world peacefully." ~Kanaska

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  • "I'm here to fight for more accountability and more money for America. You always hear the time is now to change. Now is distinctively different. Never before since the Great Depression have so many Americans been affected by the actions or the inaction of the United States Government. 

    We need to Unite and be Strong, Loud and Angry just like the Civil Rights Movement. That's the last time we had sweeping major change in this country. We now have the People Power to make this happen again!!!" 

    ~CJ Phillips

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  • "I'm here to protest against the undue influence that corporate America has over our political process."


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  •  ~Anonymous

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  • "The job of government is to execute the will of the people. I'm here because the system has been corrupted and the government now executes the will of corporations. When this happens it is the duty of the people to unite and demand change. 

    If not now, when? If not me, who?" 


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  • "I'm here because:

    1. I'm against the war in Iraq & Afghanistan
    2. I'm against the cost of education.
    3. We need more jobs."


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  • "I'm here to end political corruption, injustice, and obscene inequality."


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  • "I'm here because none of the banking or Wall St. executives who crashed our economy have been brought to justice. We need to get corporate money and lobbyist influence OUT of our governments.

    Corporations are NOT people."


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  • "I'm here to watch the struggle." ~K. Genius

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  • "I'm here because I disagree with the way the country is run. Money shouldn't mean freedom. Food, shelter, and medical care are rights, not privileges. I am also here to provide medical care as a street medic." ~Sam

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  • "I flew in from Chicago because I've been unhappy with the way the media has been treating this protest. This is not a circus and the coverage should be about more than entertainment.

    I own my own business, employ people, and have to get the word out that this problem cuts across age groups, ethnic groups, and economic classes. We are ALL affected and need things to change.

    I came here to support this group and to spread the word!"


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  • "I'm here to help create a better world free of authoritarian structures, government, capitalism, etc.

    I am an anarchist. I believe the system is not working for the 99% not on the top and that there is no simple quick fix. It's not about bad apples or legislation. We need to create a new way of living to ensure significant lasting change."


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  • "I'm here because:

    1. Tax policy is unfair.
    2. Energy policy is shortsighted.
    3. We need to factor costs, currently externalized, of energy consumption.
    4. Progressive tax policy doesn't "punish" the wealthy. It recognizes that wealth is not created in a vacuum.
    5. Clean & Green in 18 years. Solar, Wind, Hydro."


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  • "I believe in this movement and am here to support it." ~Emma

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  • "I'm here to help change the way we do things in this country. Financial regulation, campaign finance, etc..." ~Dustin

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  • "Woof!"

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  • "I'm here to help bring on change." ~Anonymous

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  • "I'm here because economically powerful people need to be seen for what they are, which is seriously mentally disturbed." ~Gilbert

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  • "I'm here because electoral politics aren't going to fix this mess." ~Daniel

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  • "This world is corrupt. Maybe we can do something about the evil selfish nature of the human race." ~Taylor

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  • "I'm here to:

    1. Support people of the U.S. who are following their constitutional rights.
    2. Help get Wall St. out of politcs.
    3. End the Fed (Federal Reserve)"