CPP Graphic Design—animated logo

  • Logo for the Cal Poly Pomona Graphic Design department. The logo represents the formation of idea. A rectangle is broken up into four columns. The left-most column is broken up into 4 pieces, and as the design progresses, these 4 pieces eventually merge as a single, unified shape. The 4 columns represent the number of years a graphic design student would (ideally) spend at Cal Poly. None of the shapes are perfectly geometric because no design solution is ever perfect. 
    The colors are similar to Cal Poly Pomona’s usual pallet (green and gold), but they are a bit more light-hearted and fun. Gold (a glorified yellow) is used to represent the fast-paced and stimulating nature of graphic design, and green is used to represent relief. The upper-left most green shape symbolizes the beginning of an idea—fragmented and distant, yet accomplished. The rest of column 1 and all of column 2 symbolize the anxiety and creative stimulation gone through to achieve a solution. Column 3 represents the design solution, with the two shapes forming a green exclamation point. The gold of Column 4 represents the process in its entirety—a rewarding experience consisting of many stimulating thoughts and steps needed to reach a solution. 
  • Below is a 10 second animation of my logo, with music. It empahsizes our process based cirriculum through the systematic formation of the logo.
    Music: "I Saw the Bright Shinies" by The Octopus Project