Bookr Kids is an easy to use ebook application for children. It's filled with fun and interactive stories which are written, illustrated, and voiced by some of the best artists in Hungary. All of the stories are optionally narrated, meanwhile the text is highlighted following the story telling. Some of the stories are also translated to other languages, helping the children to learn languages and to read in a fun way.
    The store is accessed via subscription, which means you can download unlimited stories in the period paid, and read them offline too. It is sold as a dedicated android tablet, but can be downloaded from Google Play and the Appstore as well.
    Client: Bookr Kids
    Project coordinator: Dorka Horváth, Dániel Karányi, Donát Pájer
    Art director and visual artist: Dávid Szebenyi
    With help from: Alexandra Bangó
    In-app animations: Dávid Szebenyi
    Promotional video: Orsolya Nagy
    Software developer: Clapp.hu
    More info: www.bookrkids.hu
    Promotional video:
    Download from: