Totoya Creatures

    Soft and digital pets for kids. It plays tunes, repeats voice with effects, pretends being a cyclops and likes when you comb his hair. Manufactured with natural user interface and child-safe materials.
    Our creatures are the cutest hybrids: soft toys and clever devices in one. We present the cross-over between traditional toys and digital future. Moreover, it is safe both for the kids and for the device. Now you can get your first iDevice at the age of 0!
    The new Totoya is made for both babies and parents, as it combines playing with caring. It's still a toy, but it got some features that can make everyday childcare more fun for both of them.
    The baby camera function provides live camera connection with the baby at any time. The remote control function let the parents play voices, rhymes, lights, tales, animations and lullabies to the baby.