The Grand Budapest Hotel Alternative poster + portrait

  • This alternative poster version is my tribute to the great movie : The Grand Budapest Hotel by "Wes Anderson".
    The particular mood of the movie is very inspiring and i wanted to try to translate the universe through this painting.
    If you didn't saw it yet , i recommend to watch it, it's visually very attractive !
    This poster was made in 2 steps: 
    1 - I've created the background with the landscape and the hotel using illustrator, this is all vectors done in illustrator , then i imported the background ( that can work on its own as a poster too) and i've painted the character of Zero played by "Tony Revolori" as for me it represent well the identity of the movie. 
  • special framing for the poster, i really wanted to show vertically the feeling of "height" of the hotel in the montain. Also as the hotel contains a lot of details i wanted to show it and don't superpose the character and the detailled background. 
  • Vector poster of the original poster, the building and all the background except the sky were created in adobe illustrator 
  • A more classic framing for the poster
  • Detail of the portrait
  • details of the building i've tried to respect the original version of it
  • Detail of the hotel, i stylized the building using "flat vector" look
  • Detail of the main door entrance of the hotel
  • If you'd like to buy this poster, you can order it as a Displate (Thin metal poster) over here : 

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  • I hope you enjoyed this project, hope it was useful or cool to take a look at.
    If you want to see more about my work and illustrations,
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