• Project realized in 2014 as an end of career.
    It is a quarterly magazine concept on world urban art and its disciplines. 
    This first issue is a special on the subject of the Stencil.
    The editorial design that it has, is the result of an exhaustive process of information and study, 
    having as reference the main publications of the subject.
    The result is an esperimental design in which the image / text composition forms a single composition.
    The magazine consists of 68 pages in full color.

    The project consists of the following parts:
    -Branding: brand + variables + digital and printed manual
    -Editorial: Magazine + manual of style
    -Web: interactive with adobe Muse, with responsive version for mobile devices.
    -Promotion: Posters and stickers.

     Please note that there is only one prototype of the magazine as it is a school project.