Photoshop's 25 Under 25 // Brave It Out

    To celebrate Photoshop's 25th Anniversary, Adobe approached me
    and gave me an honor to be a part of their milestone.
    This campaign involves 25 visual artists and called
    Photoshop 25 Under 25. Each of us will stage two weeks takeover
    of a brand new Photoshop channel on Instagram.
    First  of all, I choose dance because it shows movements and tension.
    There are now many varieties of dance and I have to thinking
    professionally, so I can’t randomly saying,
    “Okay, I pick Ballet because it’s really popular and beautiful!”.
    That’s absolutely unprofessional.

    I need to find a solid reason as a part of my creative process
    and my choice, goes to Modern Dance, because it reflects a style that is devoid
    of the restrictions of classic dance and focused on free-interpretations
    derived from inner emotions. It fits perfectly with my inner movement idea.

    I always fascinated by the legend of koi fish because it's all about the koi
    who gain strength by swimming against the current and waterfall.
    When the struggling koi refused to give up and reached the top of waterfall,
    it will turned into a dragon.

    It starts from ourselves, from our inner emotion and once again,
    it’s all about inner movement. Something inside me clicked and I decided
    to fuse the modern dance and koi fish into one idea.

  • I made five sketches and they chose sketch 2. Here's what they wrote in email to me about this concept and the chosen sketch.

    "Hi Evan!
    We love the idea of a combination between koi fish and modern dancers. Sketch 2 and 3 seems to have the most energy. Although sketch 1 is nice, the energy feels confined to the space where in sketch 2, it explodes off the page with the dynamic lines."
  • ••• 
    "One thing we loved about  your portfolio is the whimsical characters you create. They are somewhere between fantasy and reality. Cross the line into fantasy. Feel free to push the boundaries."
    by Evan Raditya Pratomo
  • Hailing from Indonesia,@evanraditya is our next #Ps25Under25artist. “The concept of modern dance fit perfectly with my idea for this piece –to show the combination of inner movement and the legend about how koi fish gain strength by swimming against the current.”
  • @EvanRaditya may have several illustration styles, but every single one is part of a cohesive approach. “Style is a way for people to easily categorize art, but it doesn't have to define or limit you. When I see something really cool, I will say, "Whoa! That's wonderful, I have no idea how she/he created it. Can I make something like that?”“ #Ps25Under25
  • @Evanraditya founded an Illustration Studio, named @Papercaptain. Where does the name come from? “One day, I was reminiscing on the sweet days of my childhood, of when my father bought me my first coloring book and crayons. When I was lost in that reverie, suddenly, the word "captain” popped out and I thought my old self looked like a little captain domineering his own paper world. Just like that, "Papercaptain" was born.”
  • “I had a lucid dream months ago about school of koi fishes flying above the Tokyo Tower. Because of the dream, something inside me clicked and I decided to use koi fish as a new pop icon of mine in illustration.” - @EvanRaditya #Ps25Under25
  • “At @Papercaptain, I like to capture a very special moment from the point of view of a children’s world: fairy tales, classic stories, bed time stories and immature love between young lovers. That's why every piece of mine has a bit of it." -@EvanRaditya #Ps25Under25

    note: this is a WIP video, just the same one with WIP GIF above.
  • “Hello Mr. Dragonfly” is one of @EvanRaditya’s most personal early illustrations. “I created this in the era when I was building my portfolio and having a hard time getting work. My parents and close friends tell me this image really speaks to who I am: the boy who is always chasing a dream, even though it’s the most weird, magical and whimsical one.” #Ps25Under25
  • “In high school, I placed myself in Literature and Language class for two years. That’s why I’m into Romanticism –the era of artistic emotion and literary movement." #PS25Under25

    ADOBE MAX 2015 // October 3-7, 2015, Los Angeles, California
    We got our seat of honor at the Adobe MAX -the world's leading creativity conference in Los Angeles, California. Humbly, seeing my name and my nationality as a part of Adobe family make me wanna say thank you to everyone who still supported me throughout my career.
    Started from the bottom, struggle with acceptance, and now I'm here. This ain't my last harbour of my sailing, just another pit stop for my ship and I'm looking forward for my next destination.
  • #PS25UNDER25 Gallery. The second photo captured  by my fellow PS buddy, Bram Vanhaeren.
  • The hall, captured by Flora Borsi.

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