Creative direction, photography and post-production: Lars Brandt Stisen
    Creative direction/Assistant: Rurikashi Fenris
    Model: Sarah Youssef
    Styling: Lars Brandt Stisen
    Hand models: Sarah Youssef, Lars Brandt Stisen
    Cardboard requisites: Lars Brandt Stisen
    Limonade bottle dress: Sarah Youssef and Lars Brandt Stisen
    Studio: MADDOCMAN Berlin

    Creating an advertising campaign with a Berlin vibe + product images for Dr.Go Drinks GmbH.
    Dr.Go is a 100% natural high quality black and blueberry carbonated soft drink with caffeinefrom coffee beans and guarana plants. Dr.Go is produced and bottled in Germany.
  • Getting nails done, drawing and cutting cardboard requisites. Creating a dress from limonade bottles...