• Several months I worked in collaboration with Lightricks. It was a great experience. We have achieved a very unusual result, it's a Kitsune (Japanese mythologic fox). 
    This is a small story of creation.

    The concept of Enlight's fox, a Kitsune (Japanese mythologic fox) was chosen by Lightricks' creative team to be the logo and represent the app being magical and smart.
    The Kitsune is a fox with many tails, the more tails it has, the wiser it is. 
    — Lightricks
    1 Sketches and forming 
    2 Palletes and color combinations
    3 Research and fixing

  • 4 Enlight logo
    5 Work
  • B O N U S
    In the process we had a version with a single tail. This has not gone beyond the third stage, but I like it too :)
  • Please check out website for details: www.enlightapp.com
    Direct link to iTunes: Enlight
    Client: Lightricks
    Designer: Ivan Bobrov
    Art Director: Ayelet Batist
    Thanks for watching!