Adventure Time // DIY Coasters

  • Are you a fan of Adventure Time? Good. So am I.

    So much so, that I decided to create this set of 4 reinterpreted versions of some of the leading characters. 
    I felt like sticking to 'fan art' in the traditional sense was a bit boring, because I wanted these illustrations to be adopted by everyone in a different way than just saving the images to a desktop. My conclusion was to turn them into DIY beverage coasters, that you can print and craft yourself.
    There is a link to a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this project, as well as some basic instructions on how to craft them. Creativity is key though, so if you have a better way of crafting them (printed on tiles, transfers onto other materials like wood or fabric) go crazy!

    Make sure to share them with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram once you've made them - I'd love to see what you guys do with these.

    1. Download the PDF document by clicking on the link below. 
    2. Print this A4 PDF out onto sturdy paper (preferably 250-300gsm matt or gloss coated paper). 

    3. Apply glue to the back and stick onto thick card/mounting board (spray glue works well).

    4. Apply a layer of transparent contact paper for added projection against drink spillage (optional).

    5. Cut out along the outlines using a craft knife and metal ruler, or a sharp pair of scissors.

    6. Don’t follow these instructions and do something totally awesome and out of the box.
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