Album Cover "Pendulum" by Mary Has A Gun

  • Pendulum Album Cover
  • I've recently worked on an artwork for the album cover of a band i was part of for 10 years. 
    We wanted something with details and surreal.
    For this artwork i had in mind something dealing with influences such as French Art movement i admire a lot: "Art Nouveau" ( artist such as Mucha )
    I also wanted to inspire me with stained glass artworks and industial elements.
    I also wanted to reference some visuals related with "Alice in Wonderland". Here's the final Artwork and under it the process to create it.
    Hope you'll enjoy it.
  • Here's the process of my artwork, in big steps ( cause i spent obviously a lot of time designing every parts before constructing the final visual :) ).
    Here is a GIF to show how i've ordered the construction steps.
  • Step by step design of the illustration
  • The Artwork was finished and i wanted to put it in color for the next step. It was a long process of trying different things and find colors that match together. I've tried to preserve as much contrast as i could . I made several versions of colors. At the end we used a monochromatic version of the artwork to contrast with the very detailed line Art. 
  • Different color versions of the Artwork