Siam Ocean World : Print/AD

      This is about the making of and sharing the process of the print ad for Siam Ocean World in Bangkok, Thailand, run by Very Useful Company (base in Bangkok, Thailand too).
    I had done this illustrations in 2011 and took me nearly 2 months to complete them. There are 2 theme concept, The first is about the ocean and second is about the jungle.They were directed and be a part of  new "Exploding head" series, by Very Useful Company,
    You can go to see this wonderful studio here Very Useful Company
    and you can go to see Siam Ocean World on the website.

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  • When I got the concept and the theme from creative director, then I had done so many sketchs for finding the best direction and the style. There were the color and pencil sketch.
  • When we accepted the direction, then I did the full detail by pencil drewing for made the composition and position for each characters. (both theme)
  • Then, the studio (Very Useful company) took some photo of the main character (Boy and Girl) follow the action from the drewing detail...and I started to paint the animal by separate them one by one.
  • I had painted these animal by Photoshop cs2 with Wacom Intuos4. As you can see the example of the animal below. Then mixed them together, paint the background, set the lighting, atmosphere until finish the painitng procees.
  • Here are the final of the rendering process. Then the studio use the retouch team to make the layout
  • .....The Composition and movement....
  • Thank you very much for taking your time by seeing my work and some process.
    Sorry for my English, if there are some mistake.
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    copyright  Very Useful Company 2011