Chipotle Creative Cup design ( personal project )

  • Creative Cup Design tribute to Chipotle
  • I've recently discovered the amazing and tasty Fast food mexican grill "Chipotle".
    I also fell in love with their approach of designing and developing their brand: it’s a mix of fresh design and ancient mexican inspired theme.
    As a big fan of pre-columbian Art i really liked to sit and eat there .
    They recently took a wonderful creative / cultural initiative by releasing a limited serie of customized cups and bag in collaboration with top trends writers and illustrators to customize some cups and bags into piece of design and Art.
    The project is called « cultivating thought «  you can check this cool project on this website :
    I decided to do a tribute Artwork and submit my own version of « creative cup » to Chipotle.
    This Artwork is a  « Pre-columbian » themed artwork. I wanted to mix cooking elements and a modern graphic style with ancient mayan Art and characters that belong to mexican culture.

  • I’ve created 2 versions of the same artwork, the 1st one is a Black and white artwork focusing on line art and the 2nd one is a colored version of it.
  • Some details of the artwork
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