Usagi Jima no Tamashii - ( ウサギ島の魂 )

  • ウサギ島 の 魂
    Usagi Jima no Tamashii ( ウサギ島 の 魂 ) which means "The Soul of Rabbit Island", 
    inspired by the story Okunoshima island located in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.
    This Island existence was secretly kept by the Japanese military and used as the basis for the development of biological weapons around 1927. 
    There are so many stories about the origin of those rabbits. One of the most popular one is, the rabbits were originally used to test the effectiveness of chemical weapons. After the war ended, the Okunoshima Island abandoned and the rabbits breed and filled up the island. Nowadays, the Island become a tourist attraction and called Usagi Jima, or Rabbit Island.
    I chose the Japanese summer festival theme which is identical with the spirit and ghost stories, because I assumed that the rabbits remained friends with the spirit of their ancestors who were never able to rest in peace. The rabbit always tell the story and history of Usagi Jima to their children and grandchildren, to not to forget, remember and fight for their rights. Although they are animals, they have a soul, and they are not entitled to be mistreated by humans in the name of civilization.

    I made it as my contribution for Fabula Agency artbook, named RABBITS. I spesifically chose this dark secret of Usagi Jima because I were avoidingbasic theme of "Rabbit", for example: moon rabbit or white rabbit in Alice. 
  • STEP 1: Sketching
  • Step 2: Brushing and play with color balance.
  • Step 3: Find the mood. ( I didn't choose it because I want to make something whimsical with night-and-starry-sky scene.)
  • Step 4: Making the starry sky
  • Step 5: Adjusting with color balance and exposure to make an unusual night scene. Warm (summer) and cold (night) at the same time.
  • Step 6: Put some rabbits soul and give some ambience.
  • Step 7: Layouting.
  • Step 8: "Flip Horizontal" to find out what you missed.
  • Adjusting level and voila! The final Image, Usagi Jima no Tamashii.