ING Bank Śląski - Picture your goals


    Visualisation of your goal lets you achieve it quicker.

    Creative Idea
    Poland wasn't always as lively and colorful place, as it now. But 25 years into transformation not only economy changed, but also mentality of the Poles. We tend to expect much more from life that we used to, and sometimes only lack a little bit of motivation to take a step forward.
    ING Bank Śląski decided to help consumers set and achieve their goals. How?

    Using an well-known psychological insight that visualisation of your goal lets you achieve it quicker we created “Picture Your Goals” - the first campaign where world class artists illustrated people’s everyday goals.

    Agency: GONG
    Client: ING Bank Śląski
    Creative Director: Michał Bucholc
    Copywriter: Piotr Szydłowski
    Art Director: Darek Palarczyk 
    Illustrators: Paweł Jońca, Katarzyna Bogucka, Bartosz Kosowski, Ada Buchholc, Norbert Mikołajczyk, 
    Adam Lapko, Krzysztof Nowak, Martyna Adamska, Nikodem Cabała, Gosia Pietralik, Maciej Blaźniak,
    Magda Wolna, Sebastian Wańkowicz, Kamila Kozłowska, Mariusz Zabdyr, Antek Serkowski,
    Ania Kozłowska, Julia Pataleta
    Lead Developer: Wojtek Rymaszewski
    Developer: Paweł Brachaczek, Tomek Stabla, Jacek Saternus
    Graphic Designer: Adam Łapko, Damian Oleśko
    Animation: Dariusz Nojman
    Project Manager: Marcin Jurczyński
    Account Manager: Marta Burzyńska
    Strategy planner: Radek Grzybowski
  • Through WWW we collected people’s goals. Chosen goals were pictured and published on our website.
    During activation we collected over 11000 goals.
  • Diversity of goals were enormous leading artists to bold, visually appealing executions.

  • Working with over 20 illustrators we were able to picture all kinds of people’s goals.

  • To make little more buzz we sent illustrations to influencers.
    Redesigned stickers made experience more consistent and more fun.
  • Acted as our ambassadors and helped to spread the idea.
    They wrote about activation and were recruiting users via display campaign.

  • Strong collection of illustrations gave us opportunity to create ideas of motivational gadgets such
    as notebook with illustration for each week of the year - to inspire you to have your own goal.

  • Campaign was appreciated by jury of Effie Award, Mixx Awards and KTR creativity festival.
    „Picture your goals” was awarded silver award in „Illustration” category and bronze award in „Active Advertising”.