Frozen in Time - BERLIN 3D

  • Frozen in Time — A perspective on time travel
  • Time Machine

    The closest you get to travelling in time is a photograph. It's more precise than a memory, more present than a
    motion picture and closer than a dream. A photograph is a fragment of a time and place replaying in front of your
    eyes in an endless loop. It's continuously moving back in time and thereby pushing closer and closer to reality.

    The older a photograph becomes the further you travel through time when viewing it. Welcome to the time machine.

    — Lars
  • "STEREO EINS" - The custom modular stereoscopic 3D film (analog) camera I created to photograph the series. I made the camera using components produced in the DDR between 1968 and 1988 which gives the camera a historical relation to the scene.
  • Put on your glasses, 3D starts here...
  • Traveller at Brandenburg Gate   (Notice the stereo-depth extends beyond the gate, all the way to Victory Column)
  • Afternoon on Admiralbrücke, Kreuzberg
  • Conversation on U2 (U-Bahnlinie 2)
  • Parklife
  • Sunday in Mauerpark
  • Aircraft behind fence, Berlin-Tegel
  • Arrival on Hauptbahnhof
  • Tourist in paradise, Friedrichstrasse
  • Towards the bunker
  • Traces of war
  • Metal works at Gleisdreieck
  • A place in time, Alexanderplatz
  • Summer in Urbanhafen
  • Under the arcade, Museumsinsel
  • View the uncensored version at:
    Frozen in Time - fragmenten aus BERLIN
    An exhibition preview in stereoscopic 3D
    Photography & creative direction by Lars Brandt Stisen
    Exhibiting in London with Schön! Magazine
    View pictures from the event on Olympic cruise ship MS Deutschland in London. In collaboration with
    ambassador Georg Boomgaarden and Schön! Magazine:
    The series were also featured by Schön! Magazine UK
    Thank you for watching :)