• There is an expression in English; "Feet firmly planted on the ground". This is the starting point of this beautiful image of a flamingo. I have always been fascinated by these birds. Not only for their rich colour that comes from the food they eat, but the swooping of their necks in eating, as well as the method of standing. With one leg raised and static in their posture. And this was the starting point of the composition. I was doing some Pinterest pinning and saw an image of a flamingo in that stance, and the elements clicked. I was thinking about that expression, but my mind, and because of the series, was twisting the words, and I saw the bird coming out of a plant, that was also in the ground. This is the principle of the whole series. A simple combination or twist in the meanings of words or actions.
    The actually image worked out well. I was quite pleased with the foliage that took a little time to render out, but after the initial stages, and as it came alive I became thrilled with it. Mainly as I find feathers hard to do. The leaves ere also a challenge, as I had no real reference to the leaves I drew and so the highlighting was a little trial and error. And I did in fact erase two leaves and started painting again, due to their lack of realism. As I was trying to get this finished for my exhibition, I thought (foolishly) that the soil would be the easiest aspect, but no in hindsight found it to be one of the complex parts. I have include a detail of that to show that the further way, the persistence of vision makes the realism, were as the close up os a simple mishmash of pixels and colours.
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    File size: 791.3Mbs/1.17Gbs (open)
    Layers: 42 uncompressed
    Dimensions: 12896x10000px
    Hours (Pencil): 5hrs
    Digital rendering: 71hrs
  • The two sketches show the amount of residue artefacts that appear on the scan before work in Photoshop begins. These need to be erased and carefully cleaned up to avoid distortion in the image, before the mask and painting can begin.
  • The foliage
  • Detailing on the soil, which took more time than expected, but actually worked out well.