When Marina came in touch with me Kubique Bags hadn’t been born yet. She is a talented artist, full of passion and love for  what she is doing. Marina is creating personalised unique handmade bags. She asked my help to find a name for the brand and then to create an identity that would reflect the characteristics of that brand.
    The name Kubique is a combination of Marina’s love to geometry and cubism, the director Stanley Kubrick and the french ending ique. The logo is inspired by the shape of the characteristic pattern which is used in every Kubique bag, Marina’s love to simplicity and geometry and the letter K which is formed into that rhombus. The symbol is accomplished with a light monospace typography, which reflects the elegant aesthetic of the brand.
    The identity follows the same values. We created a variety of patterns to accompany the symbol. The applications of the identity though, are transformed and reshaped based on the means and needs, exactly like Marina does with each custom bag!
  • Credits
    Client - Kubique™
    Art Direction - Vasilis Pallas
    Printing - Fotolio Typicon
    Silkscreen Bussines Cards - Tind
    Photography - Math Studio
    Thank You!