Food markets in all large towns have provided meeting places since the days of the Romans and retain to this day their essence as a gathering point for people from the town’s different neighbourhoods. Markets are inextricably linked to the sale of fresh, quality meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc. They are an integral part of the business of promoting a love of good cooking in local communities.
    These circumstances led to the creation, in 2005, of the Kitchen Classroom, a space designed for lovers of good food. The idea was to offer shoppers something extra which would help them with their daily menus and in preparing food for special occasions. Once a month on a Thursday, shoppers have the chance to join master classes where chefs and nutritionists reveal their secrets. Past teachers range from Michelin star chefs, such as Elena Arzak, through students from the local catering college, to regular shoppers at the market, all of them ready to share the enjoyment of cooking good food.