Bamboleiras - Brand & Visual Identity

  • Bamboleiras

    Ariane and Claudia have always been in love with their families’ recipes and sweets. And what started as a childhood play, grew into the certainty that they would become confectioners. After they met at a Confectionery and Bakery class, Claudia who is a chemical engineer, and Ariane who is a business administrator, decided to change their lives and fulfil the old dream. 

    Therefore, the Bamboleiras Food Truck was created – a moving confectionery that runs through the streets with the motion to recall childhood sensations and discoveries shaped into cakes and sweeties. This idea guided the whole development of naming, brand positioning and visual universe, besides stationery, website, packaging and the food truck.

  • The fact Bamboleiras is a moving confectionery inspired the graphic approach of color and
    movement of hula hoops and the movement of mixing during the process of baking cakes.

  • Client: Bamboleiras  |  Year: 2014  |  Services: Naming, Brand positioning, Visual identity, Packaging, Brand book