Legend of the Yokai - Michelangelo

  • Commissioned work by Paramount Pictures.
    I created an artwork for the campaign 'Legend of the Yokai' and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
    The Legend of the Yokai explores the origin of the Kappa Yokai, mythical creatures summoned by the spirits of honour, wisdom, courage and brotherhood. Each character of the TMNT represents one of these spirits.
    I chose Michelangelo who represents 'brotherhood'.
    Instead of a typical fighting pose which shows his willingness for a battle, I picked a cool pose showing that he is always prepared for a fight to defend his brothers.
    The artwork includes pencil drawings and digital enhancements.
  • Close ups
  • Process
  • Before/After
  • Final artwork
  • Online showcase of the Legend of the Yokai
  • Thank you for watching!