Clayr - The Lab Form OCR Synthesizer

  • a project at PennApps Health 2014f
  • lab tests are hilariously confusing to patients
  • lets make them not
  • doc, we can automate that
    our app allows you to scan in a lab test, runs serverside OCR analysis and extracts specific results from the test, which are presented in a clear, contextual, and beautiful UI
  • right to left:  from test, to OCR text, to JSON
  • This was a moonshot project for everyone on the team, and given more time there's a few more features we would want.
    For example, a lot of hospitals and doctors are moving to digital formats such as Blue Button +, and we would want a way to integrate that data into the app. We would also want a way to consolidate the different environments into one single interface (on web, android, and iOS).
    People who are more involved in their health are bound to live more healthy lives, and we're hoping this app helps stimulate this involvement with a low barrier entry into understanding your own body and self.
    Chen: Design, Hosting, Android App, OCR, medical liaison, being a superhero in general
    Arya: Django/Python backend, OCR/ABBYY, Challengepost
    Stefan: Android App
    Josh: iOS