Apocalypse Choking - Merch Design

  • This work I did is officially for a grind/punk/metal band DIE CHOKING from Philadelphia.

    I designed this for T-shirt, based on requests from the band. The band's music sounds brutal, but I also feel it intelligently. So I drew the picture somewhat realistic to make it look convincing, and worked on making it that fits the band's songs anyway. Of course, the picture is an apocalyptic vision, not what we really want to see.

    I also made a 2-color version and a band logo in Japanese (Kana/Kanji) as one of the requests. But the one-color version without Kanji was chosen after all. And here are sort of fixed versions. (The official band logo in English is not designed by me)

    The T-shirt of this design was released at DieChoking.com.
    Grind-punk band from Philadelphia