M U R A L S #1

  • Salida7 is a Spanish restaurant located in Gastown, the heart of Vancouver BC. In this project I am showing 2 of the Murals that I painted for them.
    In the first mural we decided to show some of the Spanish elements that we found interesting: Salvador Dali’s Face of Mae West (1935); The Gaudí bench; The Spanish wine vineyards. The background is the map joining Spain and Vancouver and the description of the restaurant on the bottom.
    Aside the murals, I am pretty sure you will like the food! Thanks for your time. 
    Media: Acrylic
  • In the second mural we wanted to mix two cities: Barcelona and Vancouver (Gastown). As much as we are proud of our culture, we want to show all our respect to Canada, the country we live in.
    We decided to mix two important streets of both cities with emblematic symbols. On the left we have Av. Gaudí in Barcelona with the Sagrada Familia in the behind, and on the right side, Alexander street in Gastown with the Gassy Jack statue and Salida7 Restaurant.
    Media: Acrylic + Marker
  • Drawing & Color in Photoshop