Natalia Font

  • Natalia's voice reflects the contemporary world. With its irreverent style you may find her speaking and exposing the most trendy contents that would reflect how we, the millenials, strive in this mad place where we have grown. 
    Graphically Natalia has a mixed feeling with a divergence approach resulting as only one. With its great coherence, Natalia reflects the vermillion of information that each one of us is faced on a daily basis. 
    The name Natalia is a tribute to one of the most import. women in my life, my grandmother. As long with my parents she had been a cornerstone of my education, always with an invaluable sense of ethics and values that allowed me to grow in a world where you learn to do the best for your ego and not for yourself and those who are around you. 
    Natalia expresses emotion and made me learn that you don't have to follow all the rules, you just have to do what is right and respectful.