Esprit Métis Magazine

  • Esprit Métis trimestrial magazine, promotes cultural diversity. The magazine and the team has won many national awards in France. 
  • In June 2006 a simple idea led to the creation of the magazine, ESPRIT METIS. It originated in my seeking an identity and in my frustration at seeing that although the numbers of magazines were constantly growing, young people who are métis, part French and part something else, were not represented in them. We wanted a magazine that was more open, the kind of openness that the word Métis implies in our opinion, a magazine that would be like us, where each of us could share, discover or express our love for other cultures. 
    Originally the project was to last for one year, from 2007 to 2008, but the team’s enthusiasm and the public’s support encouraged us to continue 9 more years. 
    The magazine discusses questions about having mixed parentage and integration under a new angle : what are the benefits of mixed cultures that readers can enjoy daily in their city, or how to live a double culture. Each issue focuses on a country in order to give a certain impulsion to the country’s presence in the city.

    Our award-wining magazine embraces multiculturalism and promotes understanding between cultures. Share our values and experiences. Acquire and develop new skills. Esprit Métis has published a magazine, produced a radio show, created a Bollywood dancing group and organizes cultural event days. 

  • Art direction: Kellie Dubois