Axe Meter App. Official app design for Axe Deodorant.

  • Axe is a popular Deodrant Brand All over the world and now it is a part of Unilver.  AXE is  for men's hair care, styling, body spray, shower gel, and deodorant products. This Brand is 28 Years Young. Axe gives the guys the edge in playing the mating game. The campaign was  judged on the following aspects;
    Creativity, Integration Medium Selection & Budget. Our proposal is symbolism and easy, simple language to communicate friendliness and we do it by really understanding and entertaing our guys . The idea of AXE METER is the best medicine for the guys, I thanks to the team  of Uniliver to let us work on it . It was a challenging task to work on a bold brand because the target audience of the Country in which it was held avoid bold content. I woul speciall thanks to my Lead who helped me in this Project a Lot Tabish Qadeer.
    The design, with its enduring use of undisguised materials such as wall background, wood and marble, strives to be as honest as possible. The design embraces nature. In addition we also aranged a On Ground Activty For this Brand.
    Design is a creative process—most often involving a client and a designer and usually completed in conjunction with producers 
    of form  undertaken in order to convey a specific message to a targeted audience. The term "graphic design" can also refer 
    to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation.


  • " Click On Get Started to Calculate your Axe meter Score. This app contains AXE BABES, AXE LINERS and AXE FEED. Axe Feed is a n on grund activity, in this activity ther will be a machine from which you will buy the AXE deodrant. First you have to enter your basic information in to the machine and the second you have bought the Axe deodrant you start recieving
    flirty messages on your phone from the AXE BABES 

  • In this step we go to your Facebook profile and we count the number of sigle relationship females you have on your friends list and then it will provide you the Axe meter Socre . If you have above 250 single relationship females in you friend list your score will be SSMOKIN!, if you have above 150 then the score will be HOTTIE, if you have above 100 then the score will be CUTIE, and if you have under 100 then your score will be THE BACHELOR!.    

  • In this step if your score is above 60% you will be awrded a free Axe Meter T-Sirt and you can also share it to brag your Facebook friends that you have scored “80” or whatever score you have got on the Axe Meter. After clicking the Claim It Button, a form will apear you will submit your e-mail, cell phone number and your adress and in within one day the t-shirt will be deliverd to you at the location you have provided on the form.

  • If your score is low and you are under 60% then you will recieve a message saying {Score More! Enter Your Code Into the Axe Machine at Dolmen mall (any mall in the city where the activity is held) to get you free sample }.the code will be shown on the screen. Just enter that code in the vending machine and you will get a free sample of AXE BODY SPRAY.   

  • After you have enterd the code in the vending machine the sample you will recieve will contain a code on it, and when you will enter that code in the Axe Meter again your score will rise automatically, and you will be selected to win exciting prizes.

  • The leaderboard will appear after you are finished with all the steps, there are 5 Categories in the leaderboard. If your name display in THE BACHELOR it means you have a low score but you can increase your score and get your name to the other categories by adding more single relationship females to your friend list.

  • This is also a part of the Axe Meter app. You can only use the  Axe Babe app after you have enterd the Axe meter app. In this you will be chatting with AXE BABES. If you have a low score you will be chatting with “one” Axe babes if your score is at medium level you will be chatting with “two” Axe babes and if your score is aove 75% then you will be chatting with “three” Axe babes. The Higher your score the more you get!

  • This is also a part of the Axe Meter app. This app AXE LINERS will also apper if you have enterd the Axe Meter.In this app there are many pickup lines  for you to impress the girls.

  • This T-shirt was design for those who have score higher than 60% and you will recieve thiss T-shirt in within One day.The T-shirt will Display the score you have got but the T-shirt will be given only one time, it will not be given again if you have won already

  • This VENDING MACHINE design was made for the app. It was made by my Team Lead Tabish Qadeer. A lot of thanks to him for helping me out and for teaching me some new and good techiniques.