the FRENCH CONNECTION vector tribute

  • Growing up in New York City and having an older brother as a NYPD Detective, I grew up in awe watching police movies from the 70's.  What I enjoyed most was the attitude, the style, story telling ....Therefore, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my all time favorites films. From 1971, an action film directed by William Friedkin's adaptation of Robin Moores' non-fiction story of two New York City Narcotic Detectives, Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) and Buddy "Cloudy" Russo ( Roy Scheider) who are on pursuit of a wealthy French Criminal.
    The movie has an abundunce of personality, action and a very famous car chase through Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
    I wanted to capture the intensity of the drama, the suspense, the frustration and obviously the chase with harsh diagonals, swooping trails, graffiti-esque arrows and a color palette derived from the French flag.
    I am happy to share with you my vector tribute and submission to
    Hero Complex Gallery's exhibition: I AM THE LAW /LIFE OF CRIME
    Opening : August 15th - Prints go on sale August 16th
  • Imac + Adobe Illustrator +Wacom
    ( No Gradient Meshes, No Embedded Rasters, No Plugins)
  • above: vector outlines
  • above: vector anchor points
  • above : Buddy "Cloudy" Russo ( Roy Scheider)
  • above: Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman)
  • Above: "New York's Finest"
  • Above: The FRENCH CONNECTION vector tribute
    --Available Saturday August 16--
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    Edition size : 15
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