This typography project was developed for Ana Maria cakes (owned by Bimbo) back in 2013.
    Their cakes are well known here in Brazil, top of mind i might say, even being 6 years without advertising.
    The ideia here was to make a fun type, focusing on 13~14 years old. So we decided to develop some typography simulating  the main filling flavors of their cakes for supporting print campaings
    and also the campaign identity itself, both online and offline.
    My role was all about artdirection, concept and developing that execution with Technoimage 3D studio.
    Hope you guys like it :-)
  • Vanilla Filling Alphabet
  • Vanilla Filling Numbers
  • Strawberry Filling Alphabet
  • Strawberry Filling Numbers
  • Chocolate Filling Alphabet
  • Chocolate Filling Numbers
  • Some words
  • THANK YOU :-)