Lanterna Pictures

  • Lanterna Pictures is a film production company from Colombia (Medellin). Lanterna has strong brand philosophy and they've appealed to Eskimo to develop full brand identity. Brand should bring inspiring stories, great content and emotions.
    "We want movie watching experience be like a burning sun inside the viewers. We want our movies to shake up their lives and give them an unforgettable experience. No one should be indifferent to our brand. We want the brand to attract viewers. It should tell a story by itself."
    Lanterna Pictures  back story:
    One day the sun went out. Not even the smartest scientists knew what happened. Light was gone!

    Without light, movies couldn't be made and stories would remain untold. After months of darkness and 
    cold that had never been felt before, Lanterna Pictures decided to fix the problem. 

    After a long and secret training, astronaut was launched towards the sun, carrying with him a small lantern with a burning fire inside which was connected to an oxygen tank.
    Once he was really close to the dead sun, he threw the lantern and the oxygen tank, generating a nuclear fusion that, slowly but surely, reignited the sun. As he escaped, the light came back to the universe, 
    and movies could be made again.
    We've taken this original story as the main inspiration for brand identity and made logo-storyboard. It has 9 variations which show astronaut's journey to the Sun. Step by step he brings back the light to our universe. Background circle symbolizes the sun. Color palette reflects the metaphor of light (yellow) and darkness (black). Rounded stationery parts are used like the Sun shape.
    Before the trip to the Sun astronaut had a short stop on the Moon. Nowadays you can find there documentary confirmation of his exploit (footprint and newspaper among the craters).
  • Website design continues the story about the Lanterna's universe. We've made active elements by yellow color, not active are by shades of gray. Pages changing has faiding effect like the lights shut down  in movie theatre. Map for contact information is customized in dark tones.
    We've collaborated with our friend Aleksey Baydakov to create illustrations for site. The idea was to present Lanterna's brand and show backstage at the same moment. Intro page contains illustration of astronaut with spaceship and Company page shows backstage of the filming process. 
    Pavel Emelyanov – art director, web designer, photo set
    Denis Gluschenko – manager
    Valeriy Golubzov – designer
    Victor Shkidina – programmer
    Aleksey Baydakov – illustrator
    Anatoly Vasiliev – photographer
    Special thanks to F61 work room for printed materials
    and Lanterna's team (Miguel J. Velez, Esteban López Uribe and Martin Nova).
    Thanks for watching and welcome to