Eternal Landmarks 

    The colosseum is a hallmark of engineering and a bold symbol of the grandeur of ancient Roman culture. 

    This fun and imaginative 3D design springs to life in your hands. Elegant paper folds and cutouts emerge to reveal the harmonious, glorious depiction of the colosseum. Made entirely from the finest Italian paper, it is the perfect gift or keepsake from your trip to the eternal city.  

    The colosseum pop-up sculpture is part of the Eternal Landmarks series, a collection of stunning ancient Roman monuments which includes the Pantheon and Castel Sant’Angelo.

    Product Info
    Size: 12.5cmx12cm
    Paper Used: Fedrigoni - betulla 225gr/ 285gm
    Production: Die-Cut, Manual Assembly

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    Design & Production: Pratìc
    Photography: Matteo Carnevali
    Photography Direction: Viola Damiani

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