Simonson Lumber Co.

    Simonson Lumber Company is a fourth generation family owned and operated building materials supplier whose success has been founded upon the following principles; Listen to customers needs; Deliver the best possible value at a fair price; Always conduct business affairs with honesty and integrity; Treat employees with respect and dignity. Company's founder Nels Simonson made his first debut and established the business in 1933.

    Simonson Lumber & Hardware identity draws inspiration from the nature itself, which can be
    noticed in the background of the emblem. The emblem have the classic and traditional feel to it and features Lumber Jack. Comes in three different variations/versions: Main, alternate and simplified - without losing the brand recognizability.
    My job was to transmit the brand's most important values: friendliness, comfort, trustworthy and honesty. The color palette features black with a touch of gold foil print on some applications, which gives it a quality and elegant characteristics.